Ikaria Lean Belly Juice: The Most Potent, Fast-Acting Formula For Activating Your Metabolism


Millions of men and women are enjoying a faster metabolism, increased energy, and healthier, happier lives.


By using an exotic, powerful blend of ancient nutrients.

They’re transforming their bodies into calorie-burning machines by targeting ceramides in their bodies.


These foreign compounds can cause an influx of fat to enter the bloodstream after you eat. The fat can accumulate around the vital organs including your liver, pancreas, and heart.1

When these vital organs become clogged with fat, your metabolism can slow to a crawl.

Your body may switch to starvation mode, storing even more fat on your belly, back, neck, buns, thighs, and hips…

Ikaria Lean Belly Juice is a powerful new formula that makes weight loss easier, faster and fun!




  • Targets the newly discovered root cause of tenacious body fat and unexplained fatigue.
  • Supports the health of the most powerful fat-burning organ in your body; your liver.
  • Contains rare, powerful nutrients to help support your body while contributing to fat loss, increased energy, and helping you feel younger.

This delicious blend of exotic nutrients was specifically designed to target compounds that may slow down your metabolism.

Now you're equipped to dissolve stubborn clogged fat easier and flood your body with newfound energy and vitality.

Inside Every Potent Scoop of Ikaria Lean Belly Juice You'll Find:

Hand-picked, rare, and powerful nutrients from the purest and highest-quality sources, such as:




Fucoxanthin is a marine carotenoid that’s been used for centuries in Asia. It’s found in edible seaweeds and is one of the most powerful metabolic boosters on the planet. The natural fiber alginate found in fucoxanthin acts as a fat blocker, slowing the absorption of fat in the gut. It also plays a vital role in converting fat cells to energy and speeding up metabolism.2, 3, 4
Panax Ginseng


Panax ginseng has been used therapeutically for millennia in East Asia, Korea, China, and Japan, and is the most valuable of all medicinal herbs. It supports the production of healthy gut bacteria that changes the pattern of calorie burn, which helps shrink fat cells, boost metabolism, and accelerate weight loss.14, 15, 18



Extracted from black pepper helps your body reduce fat cell formation. This is done by increasing thermogenesis, which leads to more energy consumption and weight loss.9, 10, 19, 25


Resveratrol has been used in traditional Chinese and Japanese medicine for weight gain prevention and for supporting healthy arteries. Studies showed that it supports reduced fat mass while increasing lean mass. This powerful nutrient also supports a healthy heart and healthy cells.6, 23


EGCG from green tea has been used in ancient China since 600 AD to support healthy blood pressure and a healthy heart. EGCG has a direct effect on fat oxidation; the body's ability to use body fat for energy and boosts your ability to target excess calories and also boost energy and vitality.21, 22, 24


Taraxacum officinale is a flowering perennial plant used traditionally for supporting healthy digestion and blood pressure. This fascinating nutrient works to target clogged fat by promoting optimal digestion and supporting liver health.7, 8

Citrus Pectin


Citrus pectin can help fat loss by optimizing digestion and delaying stomach emptying. This can make it easier to lower food intake and reduce cravings, leading to faster weight loss. It also supports cognitive health and clarity by targeting toxic metals in the body.11, 26
Milk Thistle


Milk Thistle contains an active ingredient called silymarin that actively supports liver health. The liver is the most powerful fat-burning organ in the body because it metabolizes fat and breaks down stubborn visceral fat pockets. It also targets harmful toxins, helping us feel energized.5, 6